HABAÑERO Pepper Sponsor

HABAÑERO Pepper Sponsor

Sponsorship Investment: $5,000.00

Exclusive Representation – Festival Deliverables:

TASTE: 300,000 scoville units *  Unbelievably fiery, but very flavorful with sweet and fruity tones.


  • Sponsor will be named on all press releases to all media and organizations.


  • Sponsor will be prominently featured on all printed promotional material including posters and flyers as well as all electronic flyers for online distribution, including promotional material sent to entertainers, vendors, and other sponsors, and regular E-Mail blasts to over 150,000 recipients


  • Sponsor will appear prominently on Sponsor Page of the festival website with a logo and link to Sponsor’s page.


  • Sponsor will be named on all message boards and calendar pages online, with website links and logo where possible.


  • Sponsor posts to Texas Hot Sauce Festival social media featuring Sponsor’s content of info, product, call for action, or other promotion.


  • Sponsor will appear on Official Festival T-Shirt.


  • Sponsor will appear in the Sponsor Section of the Festival Guide.


  • Sponsor giveaways and patron interactions will be integrated into the festival. Sponsor may set up a booth or other display area at the festival for promotion, product giveaways, merchandise sales, etc.


  • Sponsor will appear on Stage Sponsor Banner.


  • Sponsor will have banner and signage opportunities at the festival site.


  • Sponsor will be thanked from stage throughout the event.


  • Sponsor will receive 50 comp. tickets for employees or customers.


  • Sponsor will receive 10 VIP Passes.


  • Invitation to the “VIP Party” Saturday evening.