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Dickel TabascoFor over a century, the legacy of two Southern brands, George Dickel and McIlhenny Company’s TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce, have left their mark on the world and their distinct tastes in the memories of people everywhere. These two iconic brands have come together in one bottle to create George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish, or Hot Dickel for short. George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish stands out by bringing a deliciously spicy kick, made by hand and finished in barrels used to age red peppers for three years.

Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind


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Mikey V’s Foods is an award-winning, veteran owned, Texas-based food company aimed at offering high quality, hot sauces, salsas, spicy pickles, and jerky. Using only the freshest all-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, and our community.

5 Point BBQ5 Point BBQ

Steve and Catherine truly believe that nothing tastes as good as a home cooked meal shared with family and friends, but the secret always lies in the sauce.  Steve’s family handed down a recipe for bbq sauce for over 100 years.  Steve made some adjustments to the recipe and started giving it as gifts to family and friends.  With their encouragement, he has taken the one recipe and developed four different flavors of sauce and three rub varieties.   Our goal is to bring the flavors of BBQ inside your kitchen, with easy and quick meals.  Welcome home.